Joanne Kirchoff

MVA Science Teacher

Hi! I am Joanne Kirchoff, Life Science instructor at MVA. I began my educational journey studying Life Science at Kansas State University and then completed my BS in Biology at Wichita State University.  After working in the science and health care fields for a few years I returned to school at Southwestern College and received my teaching certification.

I taught science and math for 3 years before taking some time off after adopting our 2nd child. Then in February of 2013 I had the opportunity to become a virtual science teacher. My experience teaching in the virtual environment has been wonderful. I believe that the virtual setting provides students with the ability to pursue their dreams in an environment that works for them.

In my free time, I happily spend a lot time driving our two children to various activities and pampering our 3 dogs with treats. Our family has an adventurous spirit and we love the outdoors. We explore by geocaching, camping or finding interesting festivals in the Kansas City area to attend on the weekends. We have recently found a new activity of tracking down food trucks and eating various unique cuisines that can be purchased from the trucks. It is like taking a vacation without leaving town!