Elementary K - 5

MVA Elementary School Overview

Manhattan Virtual Academy, a fully accredited K-12 virtual school with fourteen years of virtual learning experience, serves a diverse student population across the state of Kansas with exceptional educational opportunities.  

We view elementary school as the door through which students enter to begin their lifelong education journey. We believe learning at any age should be dynamic, relevant, and engaging.  We designed MVA Elementary to be a robust learning experience. Rigor, relevance, and relationships are critical components of a quality online learning experience, and MVA has built our school on those foundations. 


Teachers' interactive virtual classrooms sit on the Buzz Learning Management System (LMS).  All the course content is in the online environment and is the hub of interactive class lessons, resources, activities, assignment submission, and teacher feedback.   

Students attend vClass sessions (live sessions online). These sessions are essential to learning as students actively participate in lessons and discussions, meet and interact with classmates, and ask real-time questions of teachers.     


MVA’s highly qualified, licensed teachers and counselor actively engaged in teaching, learning, and interacting with students and are easily accessible via email, phone, and online.   

Parent/Guardian Responsibility  

Parents are an integral part of their child’s education.  Although each MVA course is led by a certified teacher who provides regular online instruction, elementary and middle school students need additional guidance and support from their parent/guardian.  

A parent/guardian is expected to: 

  • Be present in the home  
  • Set up a daily school schedule  
  • Help with course navigation  
  • Expect to spend 4-6 hours daily, supporting your student 
  • Maintain weekly progress  
  • Support offline learning time and content mastery  
  • Communicate with teachers and staff vie phone, email, and online  

This is not a complete list, as there are many ways parents will be involved and supporting their learner.  


MVA students will need reliable internet service, a laptop with microphone and camera, and a printer.