STEM and Other Electives

Do you ever wonder what you will do after high school? This course will show you the educational and career opportunities available to you. You will learn how to get accepted and pay for college, how to find a job, and how to plan for a successful future.

Throughout the course, you will be coached by Mawi Asgedom, a Harvard graduate who was the first in his family to attend college, and is now a student leadership expert who has trained over 1,000,000 students.


Prerequisites:  none

Length:  1 semester

Credits:  .5

Learn the basic building blocks of coding using HTML to create a web page and use the in-course Python Guided Activity to try your hand at programming with Python. You’ll learn how to use functions and loops to write small programs and create basic graphics. In addition, you will learn about career opportunities in the coding field. This course will give you the experience you need to begin coding on your own, and it will get you ready to take more advanced coding courses in the future! This course provides middle school elective credit. 


Course Length: one semester

Credits: .5

Dive into an exciting course that will provide you with the foundational skills needed for exciting careers like game development, military defense, web design, and software engineering! You will explore Microsoft Office online applications, web design, emerging technologies, operating systems, project management, communication methods, Information Technology careers, and much more in this course. Learn about your strengths and how they relate to different career paths.

This course serves as a prerequisite to many exciting career and technical education programs of study.

Course Length: full year