4th grade Courses

Sample 4th grade Languagae Arts Lesson

Don’t just learn math—use it! In this course, students will have plenty of opportunities to use their math strategies. They will use equivalent fractions to crack secret codes with Sye, master multiplication facts to help Amara find the Golden Math Statue, and use decimals to help Chloe and Demar at their big track meet. Math is everywhere!

Grab your passport and join Pedro on a virtual adventure! In this course, students will explore the world of reading and writing as they learn skills in spelling, word construction, grammar, cursive writing, and more. They’ll also use graphic organizers, videos, and assignments to practice opinion, narrative, and informative writing. Through engaging stories, games, and activities, students will investigate animals in the rainforest, solve a mystery using context clues, and travel around the world while writing in their Interactive Notebooks.

Want to make a difference on Earth? Get hands-on learning about environmental impacts, energy, magnetism, and even octopus suckers! In this course, students won’t just learn about science, they’ll see it in action! Through problem solving, experimentation, creating models, and analyzing and interpreting data, students will explore the world of science like never before.

Love games? This is your chance to create your own! Throughout this course, students will travel and collect game cards to uncover people, places, and events in their state. Through videos and games, students will also explore their own backyard while learning how to manage money like setting up a lemonade stand or how to create a savings plan to make those travel dreams a reality.