Ronna Olivier

MVA Office Professional

Phone: (785) 587-2100 x8073


My name is Ronna Olivier and I am the Office Professional for Manhattan Virtual Academy. In my previous job I worked with parents, teachers and administrators across the Midwest on educational equity issues. I love assisting parents and teachers to help them help students achieve goals. I love both museums and computers which led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology.

When I am not at the Virtual Academy, I work as the social secretary for my youngest child who is active in Boy Scouts, our church youth group, and whatever sport is being offered by the Manhattan Parks and Rec department. I also have three grown children to spend time with and five wonderful grandchildren.

I love to read, visit museums, and play computer games. I am passionate about children in need of care. I live with three old dogs who think they are in control (maybe they are) and am excited to join the Virtual Academy staff.