Kathy Schmitz

MVA Fine Arts Teacher

I am Kathy and I love, love teaching all about art, design and photography!  Teaching all but 6 years of the last 41, I have had literally thousands of art students from all across the great state of Kansas.

Twelve years ago, I began teaching online through SVVCS Lindsborg, KS.  From there, I joined IQKS and really enjoyed the years with them.  I have been teaching with MVA for at least 11 years and I love it so much!  We have a great staff and you can tell that we all love each other and work as a team.

I went to K-State and got 2 degrees, one in Art Education and one in Fine Arts.  After teaching for a number of years, I went to Fort Hays State University and got my Masters' in Ceramic sculpture, but I spent many hours in Art History as well.

My husband, Ted is a coach/teacher Cloud County Community JuCo , where I also teach part-time.

My son, Dustin, lives in New York, NY.

My son, Cody, lives and in Lawrence, KS.

And yes, I am that crazy cat lady that you have heard about all of your life ;)  I use the cats in lesson illustrations when I am able!

I am looking forward to this great, new year with you!  Many blessings!