Becky Broce

MVA Language Arts Teacher

My name is Becky Broce, and I have been teaching with the MVA staff for fifteen years. I teach English Language Arts, as well as Physical Education, to both middle and high school students. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education, with an emphasis on English, and have my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis on TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

I live in the Kansas City area, and love to garden, cook, hike, travel, and photograph. 

Teaching online has allowed me to strengthen my technology skills, and work with a unique group of students who already have professional goals in mind and special interests at heart. Helping kids live out their passions and seek their dreams on a daily basis has been extremely rewarding and has added a new component to public education. What I love about our school is that we keep our curriculum and virtual classrooms student-centered, with the students' individual needs driving instruction.