Allison Dodson


I am University of Kansas alumni (Rock Chalk!!). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and am
planning on beginning a Master’s program soon in Educational Technology. This is my tenth school
year as a teacher. I began my career teaching at Manhattan High School, then moved and taught in
Abbotsford and Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Killeen, Texas. This is my first year with MVA and I couldn’t
be more excited for the change!
My husband is in the Army, so we move every couple of years. Currently we live in Killeen, Texas (Fort
Hood) but we will be moving to Columbus, Georgia (Fort Benning) prior to Thanksgiving. I am hoping
that somewhere along our journey the Army will take us back to Kansas!
I am Mama to two young boys. James is two years, and Teddy will be one in December. These boys
keep me on my toes, but are a huge part of why I am so excited to be able to teach for MVA! I get to
continue teaching math and helping students achieve their full potential while watching my boys grow
up from home.