Kindergarten Courses

Sample Kindergarten Language Arts Lesson

Jump in and explore the world of numbers at the zoo, at the beach, and even on safari! In this course, students will use math tools to count and compare numbers, add and subtract, and identify shapes. Along the way, they will have plenty of hands-on activities and friendly characters such as Cam the Caterpillar, Zippy the Zebra, and Zookeeper Stan to help them learn and practice their problem-solving skills. 

Learn to read and write with Penelope the Pirate! In this course, students will go on a language arts adventure where they’ll learn new letters and sounds and how to put them together to make words. Students will go on an alphabet safari, play games, share ideas through drawing and writing, read along with interactive storybooks, and even record themselves sounding out words as they discover a whole new world of letters, sounds and words.

Dive in and discover science through fun and exploration! This course takes students on a scientific journey where they’ll learn skills in research, problem solving, experimentation, and more. With plenty of hands-on and lab investigations, students will go camping with the Sense Squad and follow Superhero Sam as he protects the world and teaches all about science!

Welcome to the Super Citizen Challenge! Join Miriam and her dog, Ziggy, and learn how to be good citizens and earn badges along the way. Through stories, games and videos, students will explore American traditions, seasonal celebrations, geography, and even economics that will take them to new heights.