5th grade Courses

Sample 5th grade Math Lesson

Where can math skills take you? In this course, they’ll take students to the Arctic circle where they will use division skills to help Billy navigate. Then, students will go inside a video game to build 3-D shapes using what they know about area and volume. Students will also visit a science fair to help their friend Saul organize his data. What other math adventures await?

Take a cross-country road trip with Carolina as she travels around the U.S. In this course, students will explore the world of reading and writing as they learn skills in spelling, word construction, grammar, cursive writing, and more. They’ll also use graphic organizers, videos, and assignments to practice opinion, narrative, and informative writing. From matching games in the Big Apple to picturesque waterfalls in Hawaii, students will have plenty of adventures to share as they strengthen their writing skills from sea to shining sea.

Why do giraffes have such long necks? What makes a hurricane? Why does ice cream melt? Get answers with hands-on learning about animal adaptations, extreme weather, properties of matter, and more! In this course, students won’t just learn about science, they’ll see it in action! Through problem solving, experimentation, creating models, and analyzing and interpreting data, students will explore the world of science like never before.

Exploration starts here! Pack your virtual suitcase and travel the world with Ava, using maps and resources as a guide. Set sail across the Atlantic, watch Memory Moments videos highlighting American history events, use the In Other Words feature to understand primary sources, and solve real-world problems such as choosing where to set up a pet-friendly hurricane shelter. By the end of this course, students will create an entire scrapbook highlighting their favorite memories from the journey.