2nd grade Courses

Sample 2nd grade Science Lesson

Get ready for adventure! This course will take students on a journey back in time to the dinosaur era, across the high seas on a pirate ship, and all aboard a train, as they practice their math skills and strategies. Students will learn how to add and subtract numbers up to 100, work with 2-D and 3-D shapes, and count money using dollars and coins. 

Calling all environmentalists! In this course, students will go on a reading adventure where they’ll focus on writing, grammar, phonics, and more. Follow Ninovan the Environmental Scientist on a Citizen Superhero Eco-Challenge, practice sight words with a game of Bingo, and learn how dinosaur fossils can tell stories about Earth.

Get to know Earth . . . and everything on it! This course will take students on a scientific journey where they’ll learn skills in analysis, engineering, research, problem solving, experimentation, and more. Follow Chef Pierre as he cooks up scientific concoctions, explore with junior inventor Ruby at Fizzworks Factory, and meet Dr. Bodi, who will guide students through the actual human body!  

Take the Great American Road Trip! Visit Fort Knox and learn about supply and demand, travel to San Francisco to study trade, and tour Plymouth in your Pilgrim hat. Students can join Team Raging River and play Location Station or visit a Native American museum with Ralph and Camila. Packed with activities, videos, and games, students will study the geography of North America, the impact of immigration, and the foundations of American citizenship while collecting souvenirs along the way.