1st grade Courses

Sample 1st grade Social Studies Lesson

Math to the rescue! As students work through this course, they will use their math skills to help solve problems for Marv the Monster, Percy’s Pet Shop, and plenty more fun and silly characters and situations. Along the way, students will learn to solve word problems, skip count, and use math strategies to add and subtract. In addition, students will also “Rock the Clock” as they learn how to tell time. 

Grab your compass and gear up for a camping trip! In this course, students will go on a reading adventure where they’ll learn sight words and develop skills in writing, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and more. Students will learn to read and write by understanding how letters and letter combinations make certain sounds. Join Cameron the Camper as he uses question words, his spelling backpack, and other fun tools to dive deeper into reading!

Join Astro-Girl as she travels through space to learn about the sun and stars. Then, shrink yourself to the size of a bug in Lily’s World of Plants! This course will take students on a scientific journey where they’ll learn skills in research, problem solving, experimentation, and more. Students will meet scientists, help a baby duckling find its parents, and follow a zookeeper as he cares for animals. 

Super Citizen to the rescue! Join the exciting community of Heroville where students become superheroes-in-training and will undergo the Library Quest scavenger hunt, puzzles, and even solve a mystery. This course will develop students understanding of citizenship in the home, school, and community to become a SUPER citizen.