College Credit Transfer

One of the most important advantages for MVA Students who take college courses is the opportunity to earn college credits, in some cases, tuition free. Students taking technical courses while juniors or seniors may be eligible for the tuition scholarship through the Governor’s CTE initiative.  Students who plan to attend an institution of higher learning after high school graduation, whether a technical college, a community college, or college or university, should determine the best course of action that will benefit their college education the most.  

MVA juniors and seniors who will seek a two or four year degree will have the opportunity to complete some college level general education courses.  Please note that general education courses are typically not tuition-free and require a test score for acceptance:  typically ACT, Accuplacer, or Asset.

MVA Students may transfer college credits earned while at Manhattan Virtual Academy to another college on a course-by-course basis. A listing of courses that are approved through the Kansas Board of Regents Transfer and Articulation Agreement. These courses are aligned throughout the State of Kansas and will transfer without question. All other courses are at the discretion of the institution to which the student is transferring.