Early College Credit

Manhattan Virtual Academy graduate

Manhattan Virtual Academy Early College Credit opportunities are grounded in strong foundational middle school and high school education and a vision of innovative leaders for the future.  MVA Students in 11th and 12th grades (as well as students in 10th grade in some cases) may earn early college credit tuition-free as they complete certifications, requirements for licensures, technical programs, and/or requirements for a two-year college degree along with the requirements for a Manhattan High School Diploma.  These programs are available both online and on-site at technical colleges, community colleges, and colleges and universities across Kansas.  Enrollment may be facilitated through MVA and in many cases free or reduced tuition is available.

  • Popular licensures and/or programs for MVA Students include, but are not limited to, Certified Nurse Aide, Home Health Aide, Risk Management, Power Plant Technology, Criminal Justice, Medical Coding, Computer Networking, Veterinary Technician, Welding, Environmental Technology, Agriculture Production, Pharmacy Technician, Agri-Bio Technology, and Wind Energy Technology. 
  • MVA Students may also complete General Education College Courses during high school.  Students earn dual credit for these courses:  high school credit and college credit for the completion of one course.  Popular General Education College Courses during high school include, but are not limited to, English Composition I, English Composition II, College Algebra, General Psychology, College Biology, and Accounting.
  • A third way for MVA Students to earn college credit while meeting the requirements for a Manhattan Virtual Academy diploma by completing Advanced Placement Courses and Advanced Placement Exams.  Students choose to take one of the many AP Courses offered at MVA, complete the associated AP Exam in May, and then earn college credit as determined by their exam score and the college or university they will attend.  More information is available from the College Board.

Questions?  You can find out more about these opportunities by asking your MVA Counselor for more information.