By Manhattan Virtual Academy

Posted November 9, 2017

Although methods change rapidly, communication is always essential no matter the design. We rely on communication for health and welfare as well as developing and maintaining relationships. And when the lines of communication get tangled, getting them straight can be messy and frustrating.

Communication is extremely important to MVA. The style of communicating is different than in a traditional school, and the need for open and clear communication in our virtual world is even more important. Since we don’t often communicate face to face, we need to make sure there are numerous ways to share information.

Communication is also one of MVA’s MyIntent words. We want to do our very best to make sure you get the information important to your student and family - through FaceBook, Twitter, the Family Focus newsletter, our website (including this blog), email, phone and text. We appreciate that you communicate with us in return, what is working, what may be challenging to your student; keeping us informed and insuring the best delivery of education for your student. Good communication leads to good relationships, and that’s another big thing for MVA (and another one of our words!!)

Let’s keep those lines of communication humming!