What if a question could change your life?

By Manhattan Virtual Academy

Posted June 15, 2017

What if a question could change your life? The purpose behind the My Intent Project asking “What’s your word?” is to help others find their purpose and create positive action. MVA wants to encourage our students not only to find their purpose, but to achieve their goals and dreams as well. So here is your first question on that road to discovery!


What are you passionate about? Rodeo, dance, music, computer games, getting straight A’s? What drives your energy? Hayley Morgan from http://www.thetinytwig.com writes, “Passion is the little cog in the wheel that keeps it turning even when it’s flat and wobbly.  It is the tiny voice inside that says “keep going” when opposition strikes.  It’s the fuel to the fire, what keeps the embers burning long after the flames have died down.”


Maybe you know the answer to this question right off, or maybe it’s one you have to think about awhile. Either way, reflecting on our passion is a step to discovering “What’s your word!”