Upcoming School Year

By Becky Broce

Posted July 16, 2014

As we begin preparing and thinking about the upcoming school year at Manhattan Virtual Academy, I cannot help but reflect on the memories we have had as an online school in Kansas starting from scratch. After being with iQ Academy Kansas for the past seven years, we have learned so much about the power and advantages of virtual schooling within our technologically progressive society. Whether we like it or not, smart phones, tablets, video games, and other similar devices are running rampant through our kids' lives. They have become a constant. It is rare that you see someone today without a cell phone. So the question remains, how do we embrace this fairly quick societal change; how do we use it wisely, and how do we know when to draw the line? Whether in brick-and-mortar or virtual school, we are all exposed to a fair amount of technology. And because of this change, we are continuing to create more opportunities and options for kids today. So as we begin a new era at Manhattan Virtual Academy (formerly known as iQ Academy Kansas), and embark on the excitement and challenges of another middle and high school year, let us all begin to plan and prepare for how to make this next year the most academically successful, the most fun, and the most meaningful.

To briefly introduce our new Kansas virtual school to you, Manhattan Virtual Academy, out of Manhattan, Kansas, is an avenue to help students pursue their passions and ambitions, allowing them to get a middle and/or high school education online, and is a public option, thus has free tuition. It allows for flexible schedules, yet requires self-discipline and a good work ethic. Our teachers are certified in the state of Kansas, with experience in unique realms, and are strongly dedicated to student success. Not only do we want to see our students succeed academically, we want to see them succeed as people, and be contributing citizens in our society. We strive to create flexibility with responsibility. While many of our students have specific interests, such as horse showing, dance, music, art, or sports, others are still searching for their life dream. It is our job to help guide our students academically and support them in their life goals and interests. What a powerful combination. . .

If you have questions about eligibility or enrollment in Manhattan Virtual Academy, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (785)587-2100 ext. 8073. We would love to hear from you and help you or your student reach their goals at the middle or high school level.