Our Vision

Manhattan Virtual Academy graduate

Manhattan Virtual Academy's vision is to inspire today's learners and tomorrow's leaders for lifelong success.

MVA, a fully accredited online middle and high school, provides a college and career pathway program resulting in seamless transitions to post-secondary options and career opportunities.  An Individual Plan of Study (iPlan) will be developed for each student and serve as a map for the completion of high school and college courses which may lead to industry level certification, an Associate degree, and/or early college credit.

An integral component of MVA is Pathway and Career Studies, PACS, a program focused on early college and career opportunities designed to engage each student through a personalized education pathway and career plan through three key phases: Explore, Experience and Execute.

MVA graduates will be College and Career Ready…prepared for the workforce, continuation in a technical program, or completion of higher education degrees.

See for yourself if MVA is a good fit for your student. View our On-Demand video.