How MVA Works

How do you go to school without going to school?  It’s a question Manhattan Virtual Academy learners hear a lot. Rather than a traditional brick and mortar classroom, MVA students learn in an online school. We’ve replaced bricks with clicks! The “where” of learning has changed to a virtual school environment, but “what” you learn remains the same. At Manhattan Virtual Academy, you will study traditional core subject areas and choose from a wide variety of elective, AP and college classes-and a Manhattan Virtual Academy diploma, which is equivelant to a Manhattan High School diploma, is awarded upon completion of graduation requirements.

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Teachers draw from over 100 combined years of face-to-face and online teaching experience to organize and create the highest quality instruction, resources, activities and assessments for each course. This password-protected 24/7 online environment is the hub of interactive class lessons, resources, activities, assignment submission, and teacher feedback.  Students are also able to check grades and communicate with teachers and classmates.

Live Weekly vClass

Live learning vClass is taught by your teacher at the same time each week for each course. The live sessions are essential to learning as students actively participate in lessons and discussions, meet and interact with classmates, and ask real-time questions of teachers. All sessions are recorded and available to students to review and revisit throughout the semester. In addition, the teachers host a weekly office hour vClass for students to drop-in online for extra support.

Pace Charts Keep You on Schedule

Although there is flexibility to complete assignments anytime within each week, Pace Charts are provided for each class and list weekly assignments, readings, activities and exams.

MVA Team - Committed to Your Success

Manhattan Virtual Academy teachers are what set us apart from other Kansas online  schools! Our educators are actively engaged in teaching, learning, and interacting with students and are easily accessible via email or phone. The counselor collaborates with the student and family to develop his/her Individual Plan of Study and our academic success coach provides additional support to ensure the success of all students.