Explore, Experience, Execute


Students in grades 6-9 will Explore career possibilities and interests using Naviance, the college and career readiness platform available through USD 383. This exploration phase will culminate in the development of an Individual Plan of Study (iPlan) for your student.


Students in grades 10-11 will Experience their chosen college and career pathway(s) through their courses, online and onsite mentoring, job shadowing, and/or work-based learning experiences. Programs such as Black and Veatch Engineering Explorer Post or Million Women Mentors provide a sampling of opportunities currently available to your student.


Students in grades 11-12 will Execute the final phase of their Individual Plans of Study which may lead to industry level certification(s), an Associate Degree, and/or early college credit. Students may choose to complete the requirements for high school graduation by concurrently enrolling in MVA and a technical college, community college, or state university. Many of these courses are available online and tuition free. Students enrolled in college classes simultaneously earn high school and college credit.

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