Does MVA have enrollment guidelines?

MVA Enrollment Guidelines and Admission Information

Students in grades 6-12 who reside within the state of Kansas are eligible to apply for enrollment in MVA. A virtual environment is a great educational option for students, but it is not the appropriate educational setting for every student.  It is important to consider your student’s needs to determine appropriateness.  Enrollment into Manhattan Virtual Academy is contingent upon, but not limited to,

the following:

Kansas Resident Policies

  • Accept only full-time enrollments for the 2018-2019 academic year (due to legislative changes in virtual school funding).  Students may not be enrolled in another Kansas public school.
  • Homeschool and/or private school families contact the MVA office for guidelines.
  • Submit a completed MVA enrollment application with documentation.
  • Review application by the administrative team. If accepted, education support services, modifications, and accommodations will be provided virtually.
  • Evaluate transcript(s) to determine if applicant is within credit alignment of the MVA grade level requirement:
  1. Incoming sophomore = a minimum of 4 credits
  2. Incoming junior = a minimum of 10 credits
  3. Incoming senior = a minimum of 17 credits
  • Identify parent support and guidance throughout the day for middle school students 
  • Attend a face-to-face orientation prior to beginning online courses (new students and parent(s).
  • Students may enroll after the enrollment deadline based on administrative approval and available openings.
  • Adult students may apply at any time throughout the school year. 
  • MVA will not enroll students currently suspended or expelled from school.

USD 383 Resident Policies

  • Manhattan High School students have the opportunity to enroll in an MVA course as one of their scheduled seven classes; additional course fees may apply.  Courses beyond the traditional seven are available with additional fees.
  • Students must reside in USD 383 to be eligible to enroll in a local brick and mortar school course.
  • Manhattan High School brick and mortar students enrolled in a minimum of one MVA course may participate in Manhattan Virtual Academy activities.
  • MVA students residing within the boundaries of USD 383 may participate in Manhattan High School activities if they are enrolled in a minimum of one brick and mortar class.
  • Exceptions for participating in any non-KSHSAA activities must be approved by the Manhattan High School Principal.
  • Movement from the brick and mortar school to MVA after the enrollment deadline may be approved by the MVA and brick and mortar administrative team in hardship cases. 
  • USD 383 students not making academic progress will be transitioned from MVA back to the brick and mortar classroom with approval by the MVA and brick and mortar administrative team. 

Out-of-State Resident Policies

  • Accept full-time enrollments for the 2018-2019 academic year with private pay tuition.