Technical Requirements

 Manhattan Virtual Academy is an entirely web-based application that only interacts with a browser. Any Operating System (OS) that can use the supported browsers is acceptable.

 Manhattan Virtual Academy will require a minimum of:

  • Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 or greater recommended (lower resolutions may require scrolling)
  • 128 MB graphics memory recommended
  • Any Creative Labs or 100% compatible sound card
  • Any headset or built in microphone

Manhattan Virtual Academy will require the installation of:

  • Microsoft Edge (latest two versions only)
  • Internet Explorer® (latest version only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest two versions only)
  • Google Chrome (latest two versions only)
  • Safari (latest two versions only)
  • Java Script™and Active X must be enabled in the browser
  • Adobe®Flash®Player (latest version)
  • Adobe®Shockwave (latest version)
  • Adobe® Acrobat Reader (latest version)
  • Arial Monospaced (True Type) font
  • Microsoft Office or other application that can open .xls and .doc files
  • Local application that can open .zip file


Call:  785.587.2100 extension 8073