Manhattan Virtual Academy parent and student

Yes, Manhattan Virtual Academy is a fully accredited, 7-12 online public school. We are a program of the Manhattan-Ogden 383 School District, in Manhattan, Kansas.

Yes, MVA has NCAA-approved core courses for student athletes in Kansas.

Students graduating from Manhattan Virtual Academy will receive a Manhattan High School Diploma.

Students attending Manhattan Virtual Academy come from all educational backgrounds and from all over the state of Kansas.  They also have many different reasons that made online school the right choice for them.

Yes, along with a broad, engaging curriculum, MVA provides interested students with a concentrated focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning.

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Yes, we will be holding several academic outings during the school year.  These may include trips to: art museums, Kansas History Museum, Cosmosphere and Salt mine tour, Capital Building Tour, Live STEM Events, and our end of the year graduation ceremony.

The platform, Gradpoint by Pearson, is aligned to state academic standards and is coherent with the Common Core State Standards.  In addition, teachers can upload their own courses, materials, assessments, and assignments to personalize the learning experience for their students.

Yes, Manhattan Virtual Academy High School students will graduate with their fellow online students in an in-person graduation ceremony.

The Full time enrollment fee is $85 per year.  The Part time enrollment fee is based on your part time status. 

Yes, the State of Kansas requires testing of all students in public schools or programs.  These mandatory tests take place during a specific time frame set by the state. Since state law requires that these tests are proctored, all students must be available to meet at a regional location in Kansas during the February-May testing window.

Yes, high school students are required to take proctored final exams at the end of each semester at various locations around the state.

Highly qualified, Kansas certified teachers, who are certified in the course's content area and who have received additional training in online instruction teach MVA courses.

Students should plan on approximately one hour of work per day for every class they are enrolled in, plus some extra time for outside readings or writing papers.  That means for a full time student, 5-6 hours per day or 25-30 hours per week, every week of the semester.  Just as in a tradtional school, students must engage in their coursework every day of the regular school week.

A successful online learner must be a motivated self-starter and committed to the success of their education.  This can only be achieved by putting forth a lot of effort. Like anything, the more you put into your education the greater the benefit.

Parents can use their student's login information to enter the MVA site. By using this login, parents can go directly to their child's classes and see what assignments have been completed, how much time their student is spending in their courses, and current grades.

No, students enrolled in MVA do their learning at home, but they are participating in a program of Manhattan-Ogden USD 383.  Classes are taught by state-licensed teachers and the curriculum is also state approved for earning middle and high school credits.

Students will have a weekly class time for each course, called vClasses, during this time they will receive live instruction.  Teachers will also hold online office hours for students to ask questions or receive additional help.  Students may log in to their classes anytime day or night, to work on their actual course work.

If live vClass sessions can't be attended, they will be recorded and can be watched at a later time.

No, students wishing to enroll in courses at MVA, must have access to their own computer and have internet access. 

Computer requirements:

It needs at least:

Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 or greater recommended (lower resolutions may require scrolling)

128 MB graphics memory recommended

Any Creative Labs or 100% compatible sound card

Any headset, with a microphone (if one isn't built in)

AND Installed:

Microsoft Edge (latest two versions only)

Internet Explorer (latest version only)

Mozilla Firefox (latest two versions only)

Google Chrome (latest two versions only)

Safari (latest two versions only)

Java Script and Active X must be enabled in the browser

Adobe Flash Player (latest version)

Adobe Shockwave (latest version)

Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version)

Arial Monospaced (True Type) font

Microsoft Office or other application that can open .xls and .doc files

Local application that can open .zip file


Required books and instructional materials for courses are provided to students, however, a few upper level courses may have an additional $30 materials fee.

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